Once you’ve attracted your customers and connected with them, you must make it easy for them to buy from you or hire you, without obstacles or complications.


Your website’s “conversion” can be measured in different ways, like for example: the number of people that actually make a purchase, or the number of people who subscribe to your mailing list to get updates from you, versus the total number of people who visit your website. This percentage of conversion is very important for a website and you must pay close attention to it.

“Converting” is about transforming the visitors to your website, who are currently still “potential” customers, into “real” customers. This is the conversion you need to make in the web.

For this, your website must offer easy ways to make a purchase, clear and quick access to hire you or to subscribe to one of your lists. Once a customer makes the decision to buy one of your products or hire your services, it must be easy for them to just do it. There is nothing more frustrating than finding exactly what you were looking for, but then not being able to acquire it and this is not what you want your customers to feel when they are in your site.

ACOCO Web helps you to incorporate these tools in your website, in a way that is convenient and respectful for your customers, so that it is easy to find, but so that it is not the only thing they see from you.