Why do you want a Website? Probably you want it to make yourself known, so that more people learn about your company. Right?

Well, the internet is full of a lot of information and if your website is not well designed, it could happen that your customers can’t find you at all.

It is not only about attract just more “traffic” to your website, this could possibly be partially helpful, but what really matters is that the people to come to your website come looking for exactly your products or services.

One million visits is of little use if all those people come to your site and leave immediately because they were not really interested in what you were offering.

What you want to achieve is to attract exactly those people that are looking for a company like yours, attract those who need your services, a public that arrives at your website and is delighted to have found you: your ideal public!

It is important that you identify which are those key words that you and your customers have in common and use those exact words on your website. This is not simply an automatic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analysis. It is a broader task of clearly identifying what your customers need and how you can help them in that particular aspect.

ACOCO Web helps you focusing your website in these key points, so that the traffic that gets to your website is really the one you’d like to have.