Who’s behind ACOCO Web?

My name is Maria Aragón, I’m an electronic engineer and I have a master in technical management. Since 2005 I’ve been working on engineering projects and in 2009 I specifically started working in online software projects.

I love to learn about new technologies and I believe that the internet is a fantastic tool: it connects us with the whole world and it allows us to take our message instantly to a great number of people, something that had never been possible before in history.

Maria Jimena

Internet conecta al Mundo

¿Why ACOCO Web?

Even though it is such a useful tool, the internet is unfortunately still not being used to its maximum potential: I’ve seen companies that offer excellent products and professionals who offer the highest quality services, while having a website (if they have one at all) that unfortunately does not reflect the quality of what they offer at all.

That is why I decided to create ACOCO Web, because I want to help those small and medium companies, who actually have something good to offer, to be able to communicate their goodness through their website. Help small business and new entrepreneurs to make themselves known through the internet in a way that attract their ideal public, that connects with them and converts them into happy customers.

Passion for Learning

I grew up in Colombia and I am a proud Latin-american.

I’ve always loved languages, and apart from Spanish and of course English, I also speak French, German and Italian. This gives me an advantage when communicating with people, which together with my love for traveling, has allowed me to go travel, study and work in different countries, get to know different cultures and learn from multiple sources.

I live in Germany since 2008, and in all this time, I’ve seen and learned a lot of great things about not only Germans and all Europeans, but also about a wide range of people from different cultures and countries.

I’ve been also very surprised to find out about what some people don’t yet know about the internet, which might be obvious for other people.
Knowing the power of the internet, I decided that I had to put my language, communication and multicultural skills to good use and start helping good companies spread the word about what they have to offer.

Corazon Colombia
Estudiar en linea

With this plan in mind and being a passionate learner, in 2013 I started to specialize in creating web pages for small businesses, which would follow the best practices in development, usability and web design, to be able to bring an excellent service to my customers through…

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